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Hello guys and girls!

First and foremost I’d like to thank everybody who has taken the time to view these videos, liked and/or commented on them as without viewers then MTFC TV would be nothing and without the backing of the great people at Matlock Town football club then we would struggle as well so huge thanks to them.

MTFC TV since its birth back in November has had over 7000 views from 64 different countries in places far flung as the USA, China, Mexico, U.A.E and many more and while I’m extremely proud of that and of it’s becoming a constant battle cost wise to keep going as I’m the only person who has funded MTFC TV from its upstart and have spend nearly a thousand pound on equipment and upkeep of that equipment but as I’m sure you can understand it’s now becoming a struggle especially with my plans to expand MTFC TV which I’m proud to say from the start of next season will see the start of audio half time and updates that can be accessed through twitter and will be done by yours truly.

Any donations made will go towards new equipment as well as upkeep of the current equipment and will only be spent on these things.

If you’ve taken the time to read through this and have decided to donate then you can do so through using paypal or if you wish come see me at a game in the new season, even the smallest of donations are a huge help.

Thank you for your kindness and time.

James Griffiths

Owner of MTFC TV.